About KSSO Welcome Message

Kijin Kim, Chairman of Korean Society for the Study of Obesity

Chairman's Greetings Dear respected KSSO members,

Chairman of Korean Society for the Study of Obesity
- Sung-Rae Kim

Kijin Kim, Chairman of Korean Society for the Study of Obesity

President's Greetings Dear respected KSSO members,

President of Korean Society for the Study of Obesity
- Cheol-Yeong Park


Esteemed Members of the Korean Society for the Study of Obesity,

I extend my warmest greetings to you all,

As we welcome the Year of the Blue Dragon in 2024, a symbol filled with the vitality of 'Gap', denoting the color blue, and 'Jin', representing the dragon, we anticipate a year imbued with the spirit of the 'Blue Dragon'. I fervently hope that this year will allow each of you to soar to new heights, thrive, and embrace the exhilarating journey of change and challenges, much like the noble dragon ascending through the skies.

Looking back at the Year of the Black Rabbit in 2023, we witnessed a host of significant events. It was our honor to host joint symposia with Ireland in Europe, and in Dallas, USA. The ICOMES in Korea was a remarkable event, drawing over a thousand participants and marking a return to in-person engagement.

Last year, we celebrated World Obesity Day alongside the global obesity community, inaugurating walking contests, a YouTube channel, and a health management app.

Our educational initiatives for healthcare professionals on obesity were expanded, and we founded a Basic Research Committee to bolster foundational research. The Moon Seok Research Fund was re-established as the Moon Seok Academic Award, and the Young Researcher Award was introduced to encourage researchers to conduct their work with pride and in a supportive environment.

Efforts were made to ensure that individuals with obesity receive appropriate care and treatment. Through policy dialogues with legislators and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, we have sought to rectify the shortcomings in obesity diagnosis reported in general health assessments. Additionally, we have amplified our media outreach efforts to better connect with the public.

In this new year, we are dedicated to building upon the foundations laid in 2023. Plans are in place to revamp our website and formulate a master plan for enhancing our existing obesity certification program. The establishment of a new Ethics Committee is on the horizon, intending to foster ethical growth and progress within our society. We aspire to develop a long-term strategic plan to guide our society in the coming decade.

Moreover, we eagerly anticipate the introduction of groundbreaking obesity treatments in Korea and are committed to continually improving the therapeutic landscape and addressing existing treatment challenges.

We deeply value your ongoing interest and active participation in our society. May all your aspirations and plans for the New Year come to fruition, and may you enjoy enduring health and happiness.


Sung-Rae Kim, Chairman of the Korean Society for the Study of Obesity
Cheol-Young Park, President of the Korean Society for the Study of Obesity