About KSSO Welcome Message

Kijin Kim, Chairman of Korean Society for the Study of Obesity

Chairman's Greetings Dear respected KSSO members,

Chairman of Korean Society for the Study of Obesity
- Sung-Soo Kim

Kijin Kim, Chairman of Korean Society for the Study of Obesity

President's Greetings Dear respected KSSO members,

President of Korean Society for the Study of Obesity
- Cheol-Yeong Park


Dear Members of Korean Society for The Study of Obesity (KSSO),

The new year of 2023 has begun. In the aftermath of COVID-19 and the war, we may be facing some crucial challenges in finance and health. Gyemyo-year, the year 2023, is the year of black rabbit which brings luck as much as the effort you put in. We seek for uncovering and embracing the new year with the passion and spirit we have at KSSO.

KSSO had its 30th birthday in the past year. Confucius mentioned that the age of 30 would “make own will and lay the foundation for everything”. KSSO will have another part of the spirit to redress our committee and establish a new foundation for further growth for future decades.

Our spirit to dig more into the field and embrace new challenges shall continue through cooperation with other international societies. We wish to make great hard work with The Obesity Society (TOS) and The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) by having joint symposium in the following year. Creating a framework with both societies will doubtlessly awaken our scholars’ passion even more. We also seek for looking extra attention on JOMES to register SCIE.

We want to strengthen the education and promotion of those who suffer and need extra care from obesity. We want to take a closer step toward those who truly need a proper education and straighten the wrong knowledge and assumptions of obesity with a variety of contents.

In addition, we aim to release an application for the people that can improve and modify people’s lifestyles and environments to eradicate the domestic increase of obesity. And we won’t forget to take care of our patients to receive a better system with the proper treatments required. We will try to improve the system so that the members of the KSSO can benefit a lot.

KSSO is an organization that all experts from various field shares inspirations. We look forward to making a great stage for everyone to show spirit.

We strongly encourage every member of our community to continue your interest and participation. Many of you will find a great fabric and spirit of KSSO in 2023.

We hope all the members will have a blast in 2023.

Thank you

The President of KSSO, Cheol-Yeong Park
The Chairman of KSSO, Sung-Soo Kim